Hey, tired teacher. Thinking of turning in your classroom keys for a new career outside education?  You're not alone and you're not being unreasonable.

A MASSIVE Number of Businesses and Entrepreneurs NEED Your Exact Skills... 

The problem is -- most don't know it.


Why? Because your resume is still speaking "teachernese". It's not clearly communicating how your teacher skills translate to the non-teaching world and that means you're getting passed over again and again and again.


It's not because you don't have the skills. It's because you're not translating the skills. I can show you how. Create a winning resume in less than 7 days that catapults you to the front of the hiring line and out of the classroom. 

Teaching isn't what it used to be.

Even if you only started this year, what teaching looks like today is probably a far cry from what you thought it would look like. 


You might want to leave because you're tired of teaching both online and in person. 


Or maybe it's because your principal said you had to teach on Zoom or you won't be paid, even when you tested positive for the virus and feel TERRIBLE. 


Maybe it's the unrealistic expectations from the state, your administration, the parents, or even the students. 


Maybe you've felt like it wasn't the right fit for years and with each passing day you know just can't do another year of this. 



Maybe it's because of the pay, the lack of respect, angry emails from people that are expecting you to be on call 24/7, or that people say they care about teachers but their actions say something completely different. 


Non-teachers leave their career for a new one all the time and nobody makes a fuss. If you want to leave teaching for a new career, you can, too. 

You're not alone and you're not the problem. 

My name is Brittany. I'm a former middle school science teacher, now six-figure freelancer and entrepreneur. 


And just a few years ago, I was in the same boat.

 I wanted to leave teaching to work remotely, but I didn't know how and I felt guilty for even wanting to leave. 


 I thought I was the only one that felt this way. 

 I thought no one would want to hire me…

 I had only worked in an office and as a teacher.

 I didn't have any fancy degrees or the life experience to do something else (or so I thought)!


Because of this, I felt trapped.


...Stuck in a career that was negatively impacting my health and family life but I felt like I had to stay because I didn't know what else to do or how to get the next job. 


Here's the good news, though...

More jobs than ever are going online and remote work is the thing of the present and future. 


It saves companies money, reduces overhead and results in happier employees because you get to work from the comfort of your own home.


More companies are going remote and they need someone like you that can think on your feet, love to help others and that are problem solvers.

I know you might be wondering how I did it.

And I know you might be skeptical that you can too.


First, let me clarify that this isn't what I do for a living. After I left teaching, I started doing freelance work (and I LOVE it!). I help teachers because I know what it's like to cry before work and want out of teaching so bad... but have no idea how to get there.


Now how I did it: 


I didn't have any special qualifications, superpowers or special skills. 


In fact, I didn't even have a history of remote work expertise. 


The one thing I excelled at was learning and going above and beyond. 

And so I threw myself into learning how to get the job and how to excel at the job I got. 

And that's what most people are missing. 


In fact, you may think you're not getting hired because you're not qualified or there aren’t any jobs out there. That's what I hear from teachers all the time. 


But the truth is that there's no lack of remote jobs (those are only increasing!). 

And it's not because your resume shows you're a teacher. 


It's because your resume doesn't clearly communicate how you can help your potential employer reach their goals. 


Because most hiring managers haven't been a teacher before, they have no idea how amazing you are and what you can do. 


That means you have to make it abundantly clear how you can help them so it's an easy yes to hire you. 

Here's where I've been featured:

You can make it a no brainer for companies to say "yes!" to hiring you.

 You just need the resources to easily and quickly craft a resume so compelling they want to hire you on the spot!

 Think about it...

  • NO MORE waking up at 4:45 a.m because you had to finish grading .

  • Gone are the days when you're bringing home hours of grading multiple times a week. Instead, working remotely means you can sit on your porch and work while listening to the birds chirp. 

  • Say goodbye to shoving down the greasy fast food before the hour-long staff meeting that was only supposed to be 15 minutes. Picture instead leisurely eating breakfast at home. 

  • You won't need a mask or to share a room with 27 students when you work at home -- your dogs can be your new co-workers!

Remote work is the way of the present and the future. And the best part? 

This is the optimal time to get started. 


A simple-to-follow resume and portfolio program to help you get your resume and portfolio put together in less than a week so you can run to the remote job of your dreams.




See what Kelly thinks...

What's inside...

The three steps to take you  from lost in the resume pile to snagging the interview -- you get ALL of this for $37.

Step 1: Create Your Winning Resume

We've included everything you need to create your resume quickly and easily.

10 Professionally Designed Editable Resume Templates


The Ultimate time saver for applicants that want to get hired.


You don't need to spend hours trying to figure out the exact formula for a resume that wins. You just need to use these templates. These templates have the exact layout that's going to move your resume to the top of the pile.

A Simple Google Docs Editable Resume Template


The Ultimate time saver for applicants that want to get hired.


This easy to use template helps you create your resume right in Docs.



10 Professionally Designed Editable Resume Templates


All the templates you need to quickly and effortlessly gather and present your references. 


Make it easier for your potential employer to say "Yes!" to hiring you by providing references before they even ask!


Go above and beyond by effortlessly getting reference letters with this easy template 

Translation Cheat Sheet


The teacher skills and tasks that are most transferrable -- and what they're called in the non-teaching world.


Not sure how to translate your lesson planning, bus duty, ability to listen, or many of the other teacher skills you have into a non-teaching resume? This translation cheat sheet contains 33 teacher skills and tasks that companies look for (and how to word them!)

Step 2: Design Your Portfolio

We've included everything you need to create your portfolio quickly and easily.

The Winning Portfolio - How to Create a Portfolio that Stands Out


Learn how to create a portfolio (and why!) with this workshop that is easy to understand and a breeze to implement. 

Editable Google Docs Portfolio


This is the one thing that most applicants lack but desperately need. Your potential employer cares a lot less about what college you went to and a lot more about how you can help them reach their goals.


A resume by itself isn't enough to stand out. So we're giving you the secret sauce in template form so you can make your portfolio quickly and get noticed faster.


Portfolio Checklist


You're not going to miss anything from your portfolio because you've got this checklist. 


Portfolio and Resume Example Videos


See these examples of finished, polished resumes so you know what it's going to look like in the end. It's going to blow your socks off, so just imagine how your future employers will feel when they get YOUR winning resume and portfolio!


The Definitive Answers to Your Portfolio Questions Worksheet


What is a portfolio and why do you need one? We answer that question (and all your other portfolio questions!) in this worksheet.




Step 3: Learn How to Stand Out

We've included everything you need to stand out quickly and easily.

Goal Setting Strategy Worksheet and Audio


You have to know what you want in order to get it and yet so many people are sleepwalking through life, only aware of what they don't want. Use this worksheet to figure out what you do want so you can get it.




Job Research Masterlist


The easiest way to figure out what jobs to apply for and where to find them.


"What jobs should I apply to?" Follow this formula to find the right jobs -- the ones you're excited about without spending hours and hours on job boards.


Introduction Email Template


Stand out by communicating well. Use these templates for best results.


These are the example templates I've used to not only get every job I've applied for using these, but it's also going to help you stand apart in the mind of your potential employer.


Side note: nobody does this -- and that's why it makes such an impression on your future employer!


Email Sample Video


I will show you my best strategy for using email to connect with potential employers. 



How to Land and Ace the Interview Training


If you've been snagging interviews but not the job, this is a must-watch training!



Common Interview Questions and Answers Guide


Ever wonder how to answer the age old "Tell me about yourself", "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?" and "Why are you leaving your old job?" We discuss the right answers and how to craft your own in this guided worksheet.



The Teacher's Guide to Turning Any Negative Into a Positive Audio and Worksheet


Learn The secret that successful freelancers and business owners already know - reframing is the key to getting hired faster and earning more.


Learn how to reframe like a master and nothing can stand in your way. This worksheet will help you see the good in various situations so you can answer any interview question with ease -- even the awkward "so why did you leave your last job?" question.


Learn My Secret Weapon to Set Yourself Apart


The cheat sheet that's going to help you stand out from other applicants.


What's going to make you stand out among a sea of applicants? This cheat sheet answer that exact question so you stand out in the application and interview process and are top of the list to be hired.



These are must-haves if you want to get hired quickly. 

Your guide to Getting Hired: 50 Companies that Love to Hire Teachers - BONUS


This list 


Who wants to hire a teacher? Find out with this bonus list of FIFTY companies that LOVE to hire former teachers! 

The Common Mistakes That Have Kept You from Getting Hired in the Past and How to Fix Them


Learn why you haven't reached your goals already and how you can change that.

Wondering how you'll find the remote jobs?

Here's your answer! This bonus, Your Guide to Getting Hired, contains a list of 50 companies that love to hire teachers just like you! 

Your dream remote career awaits...

But someone else is going to snag it if you wait too long! Get The Winning Resume today so you can run to the front of the hiring line.

This is for any teacher ready to leave the physical classroom behind and start working remotely faster and easier. 

 You'll learn...

  • What’s stopping you from getting your dream job (and how to fix it!)

  • How to create your resume and portfolio in less than week with simple-to-use templates that have worked time and again for others just like you 

  • How to stand out from the sea of resumes 

  • How to make a good impression before you even get the interview 

  • How to create your resume and portfolio in less than week with simple-to-use templates that have worked time and again for others just like you 

  • How to ace the interview and get hired faster in a job you’re really excited about  

The Winning Resume could help you land the kinds of remote jobs that are perfect for teachers. 

  • Instructional Design

  • Learning Consultant

  • Data Analyst

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Email Marketer

  • Funnel Builder

  • Copywriter

  • Ed Tech

  • Learning Coach

  • Graphic Design

  • Writer

  • Ghostwriter

  • Tutor

  • Social Media Manager

  • Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take? 

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck? 

What if I’m not good in interviews? Will this work for me? 

Do you have a refund policy?

How fast can I expect to see results? 

What if I’m introverted?  Will this work for me?  

How quickly do I get access to this? 

How do I get started? 

Will I be able to have success with this, even if I haven’t worked remotely before? 


Email me at Brittany@lifeafterteaching.com

This is for hard-working teachers that want to get hired faster and easier in a remote career.

I see so many of my teacher friends and family who are frustrated -- fed up, burnt out, and so, so tired, but who stay teaching because it seems like the only option. 


I knew that I had to make this because I used to be in that position… and I know what a toll it can take on your mental, physical, and emotional health. 


If you don’t want to stay in teaching anymore and you want to work remotely instead, I can help. 

  • 10 Professionally Designed Editable Resume Templates ... Value $59

  • Google Docs Editable Template ... Value $17

  • Google Docs Editable References Template ... Value $7

  • The Winning Portfolio: How to Create a Portfolio that Stands Out  ... Value $27

  • Editable Google Docs Portfolio ... Value $17

  • Portfolio Checklist ... Value $7

  • Portfolio and Resume Example Videos  ... Value $17

  • The Definitive Answers to Your Portfolio Questions Worksheet ... Value $17

  • Goal Setting Strategy Worksheet and Audio ... Value $17

  • Introduction Email Template  ... Value $7

  • Job Research Mastersheet ... Value $7

  • Email Sample Video... Value $7

  • How to Land and Ace the Interview Training  ... Value $20

  • Common Interview Questions and how to Answer Them Guide ... Value $17

  • The Teacher's Guide to Turning Any Negative into a Positive Worksheet and Audio ... Value $17

  • My Secret Weapon to Setting Yourself Apart  ... Value $21

  • BONUS: Your Guide to Getting Hired: 50 Companies that LOVE to Hire Teachers  ... Value $27

  • The Common Mistakes that Have Kept You from Getting Hired in the Past and How to Fix it ... Value $25

  • BONUS: Translation Cheat Sheet ........... Value $23

Total Value: $356

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