Find Your Path  out of Teaching 

Because teaching is negatively impacting your health, relationships, mental and emotional wellbeing, and your financial future. 

Early mornings and late nights spent crying because of the heavy load of stress and expectations. 

Feeling like you should stay because of the kids. 


Or because you went to school to be a teacher. 


Or because it feels like the "responsible thing to do" during a pandemic. 


Maybe you feel like you have to stay because you're not sure what else you could do. 


But it's getting harder and harder to stay especially when... 


Your physical health is in question. 

Your family's health too. 

You're tired of the rigidity of the schedule and being asked to do more and more with less time and fewer resources.

You're feeling unsafe at work -- maybe you've even been threatened or someone has attempted to harm you.

Or maybe you're just ready for something new.

If you're ready for a new career, it might not feel safe to change jobs right now. 

Here's What I did to Safely

Transition out of Teaching

My name is Brittany. 


I'm a former middle school science teacher turned six-figure freelancer and entrepreneur and co-host of a passion project, the Life After Teaching blog and Facebook group for teachers looking to transition out of teaching. 


A few years ago, I was feeling the same way you are. 



Ready to get out.



I know what it feels like to want and need out, but have no idea what to do.


That's when (and why) I started a side hustle. 


Within six months, I was able to transition out of teaching into a job I loved. 


But the great thing was that if I got into it and didn't end up loving it, I still had my side hustle. For the rest of my life, I would have those skills I created in the side hustle and would know that no matter what happened, I could use what I had learned to make money. 


No more income cap. 

No more rigid schedule if I didn't want it. 

I could build my side hustle as fast or slow as I wanted because it was there to support my transition out of teaching. 

It meant if I needed to get out immediately, I had the financial safety net to tie me over until I could find another job. 

Or I could go all in with my side hustle. 

Or I could use it to get me closer to my dream job. 

A Side Hustle Provides a Financial Safety Net and Opportunity to Build New Skills

side hustle is your safest option. 


You can do it while you're still teaching and on your time. That might be the weekends or just a few days a week. 


You can use it to build the skills, connections, and confidence as you look for your dream job. 


You can use it as a safety net - a buffer while you work in a transition job if you need to get out of teaching yesterday. 


You can even build it up to be your full time job one day... 


While still having the financial security of your teaching job in the meantime. 


Your side hustle could be selling your art, writing copy, bookkeeping, photography, being a virtual assistant, representing ed tech companies at conferences, and so much more. 


A side hustle gives you the freedom to figure out what you like and don't like, what next job might be a good fit for you, and improves your confidence. 


But if you've tried a side hustle and didn't get anywhere, or if you'd like to start and scale it faster without making all the mistakes of someone just starting out, then it's time to join our squad. 

For teachers who want to transition out of teaching with a safety net... 

The Side Hustle Mastermind is going to help you... 

Create  financial security  with skills you already have through a side hustle.

Here's What's Included in the

Side Hustle Mastermind: 

Marketing 101 Training ($147 Value)

  • What is an email list and why do you need one? 

  • How to start an email list. 

  • How to gain subscribers and why that’s more powerful than social media followers 

  • How to make your first $2000/mo

  • How to scale from $2000-$10000/mo 

  • How to talk to your customers so that they know if they should buy from you 

  • Writing emails that get opened 

  • Landing page optimization 

  • List build

4-Phase Side Hustle Intensive ($247 value) 

  • Learn how to build and scale your side hustle on your terms using this simple, proven 4-phase framework created by former teachers-turned 6-figure entrepreneurs.  
  • Learn how to build a complete sales page that drives conversions for your business.

Side Hustle Framework Workbook ($27 value)

  • Brainstorming pages with prompts so you can avoid creator’s block and bust out the money-making ideas fast!

  • Learn how to create an opt-in page that will have people lining up to join your email list.  

Business 101 ($97 monthly value) 

From Zero to Millionaire ($97 monthly value) 

  • Follow the highs and lows of Brittany’s business as she takes a new product from having zero sales, zero followers, and zero subscribers to it being a million-dollar product 


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How much does the Side Hustle Mastermind cost? 

What if I have questions? 

Ask and we'll answer! :) A book on business isn’t going to walk you through a problem, but when you work with real people who have tackled these real issues, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t from the pros who forged this path in front of you.

How long is my membership? 

How long until I start seeing results? 

What is the weekly or monthly time commitment?

I'm really busy. Can I still do this? 


Brittany and Zachary Long are former teachers that left the classroom in search for a remote work career and more time with each other. Now they help others  start and scale their side hustle too (while still working on the things that got them here in the first place!  

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