Teachers -- are you burnt out and ready to quit, but don't know what to do next? 

Unsafe. Unappreciated. Overworked.

The Teacher's Toolkit is an eBook that helps you identify the skills you already have from teaching so you can...

  • Feel confident applying for non-teaching jobs or starting your own business from your teaching skills

  • Discover which remote jobs suit your skills and your interests so you can find jobs you'll like faster

  • Determine the marketable skills you have from teaching and how they translate in the non-teaching world so you can communicate your immense value to potential employers

You're being asked to perform miracles with no resources and no regard for your wellbeing. If you're tired of being told to "practice self care" while being placed in unsafe or unreasonable working conditions and continually get more added to your plate, you're not alone.

The Teacher's Toolkit will help you...

  • list of all the skills you have and use on a daily basis,

  • career options for teachers once they're done teaching,

  • practical advice to make the transition,

  • great action steps so you can finally start making progress out of teaching ,

  • success stories of teachers just like YOU that made the transition so you can be inspired!

The Teacher's Toolkit

Your guide to using your teaching skills in a remote career.